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Welcome to Planted Earth Nutritional

Welcome to Planted Earth Nutritional’s Blog! This is a place where we’ll keep you updated on the latest and greatest news in the world of CBD and all things related.  You can read a little more about who we are on the “ABOUT US” page, but this is a good place to start telling you why we decided to start this company and what our goals and values are.  First and foremost, we are passionate about the benefits that full spectrum CBD has on the human body and mind. Our mission is to provide an organic, easily-accessible and affordable product to anyone who is interested in the natural and holistic benefits of full spectrum CBD.

Our history:

We have a long history in the professional and medical fields, and after seeing our family and friends struggle with issues like degenerative diseases, cancer, auto-immune disorders, anxiety and mental stresses, skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema and inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, we started to consider if there were other, non-traditional alternatives to the harsh pharmaceuticals that seemed to be the only option.  The cannabis plant and its benefits are nothing new, and there has been extensive global research done on those benefits, but it can be such a polarizing topic and the psychotropic effects can turn people away from it.  CBD, however, seemed to be the answer to all of those problems; it has a reputation for improving symptoms of all the ailments we mentioned above without producing a high or altering your state of mind.  We read that the experience of using CBD is like a full body sigh, and that peaked our interest so we started to try it.  While there are very few scientific studies done on CBD here in the US, other countries like Israel, France and Iran have been doing research on full spectrum CBD showing amazing “evidence based” results.

After conducting our own “deep dive” diligence work, we founded Planted Earth Nutritionals.  Our full-spectrum CBD is grown around the country and now utilize it in our line of tinctures, creams, gel capsules and more… we’re finding new use cases for our oil every day and plan to keep expanding as more research is done. What we’re confident about here at Planted Earth Nutritionals is that once you try our CBD products for yourself, you’ll understand what the hype is all about and hopefully you’ll start incorporating more CBD into your life.

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Thanks for joining us here!


-Patrick & Family