How You Can Use Planted Earth’s Full Spectrum CBD to Relax Your Feet

Full Spectrum CBD and Your Feet

You’ve likely seen the headlines out there lately about people using CBD on their feet- from athletes to celebrities, even to your neighbor who travels frequently, it seems like everyone is rubbing this awesome stuff on their tired, sore feet. Maybe you’re intrigued and are wondering if it works. You might want to try it: you definitely should try it.  Let’s talk about what CBD can do to help and why:

CBD is a pain reliever
We’ve talked about this in our other blogs, but CBD and the other cannabinoids found in our full spectrum CBD products work internally by hitting receptors in your endocannabinoid system and causing reactions. These reactions produce favorable results and can provide you with relief from the pain you are experiencing, whether that’s in your feet or elsewhere.

CBD reduces inflammation
CBD is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. By rubbing cream or oil on your feet or taking it internally, the swelling from a night spent dancing in heels is likely to diminish. Unlike over the counter products like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, CBD is a whole plant extract that is gentler on your body.

CBD can be used to treat neuropathy
Neuropathy is essentially nerve damage that often affects the hands and feet. It can be caused by a number of factors, whether that be physical injury, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic or viral diseases, certain cancers, diabetes and more. Common side effects include numbness, tingling or burning sensations, weakness, muscle cramps and a whole host of others. Neuropathy symptoms are often treated with opioids for the pain, benzodiazepines for stress and anxiety and other medications to treat addition side effects: CBD has been known to show improvement in all of these areas as well.

How should I use CBD on my feet? 
First, always choose a full spectrum CBD product so you can benefit from the entourage effect created by the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the whole plant extract (more about terpenes to come). Next, try a topical cream with a high dosage like our 1000mg muscle and pain cream. It will penetrate the skin and spot treat any soreness, aches and pains or tingling sensations you have. You can also front load by taking a dose from a tincture like our 1800mg before you know your feet will be sore. This will work internally to help your body prevent the soreness from happening.

Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Busy Philipps, Olivia Wilde and many more have openly talked about how they’ve used CBD cream for a number of ailments, but specifically on their feet during or after red carpet events. Professional athletes like pro-skateboarder Andy Macdonald, pro surfer Alessa Quizon and former NFL player Jonathan Casillas are also openly discussing how CBD has helped them manage foot pain (and lots of other pain, too!). So why not grab that preemptive tincture dose, go hit the town in your highest heels, then kick off your shoes and relax your feet with a Planted Earth Nutritionals CBD foot rub?! You totally deserve it.