Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream (1,000mg)


Our pain cream what you’ve been asking for to soothe your aching joints, nerve pain, sore muscles, post work-out relief and more! This cooling lotion absorbs into your skin quickly offering almost instant relief for all your pains and aches.  Simply rub a small amount on and our blend of Full Spectrum CBD oil, menthol and other natural ingredients should have you feeling relief for hours.

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Pain is awful no matter how you experience it. Pain can be dull, harsh, pulsating, and chronic, and it can affect your back, knees, nerves, and all other areas of your body. Regardless of how harsh it is or where you feel it, pain sucks the joy out of life and may even become debilitating, preventing you from having fun and enjoying your life.

There are many over the counter and prescription medications for pain, but few are as effective as CBD, and even fewer have no side effects like CBD. Our Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 1000mg isn’t just one of the best products when it comes to pain management. There are no known side effects to using CBD, except of course for the side effect of feeling good and having the pain melt away.

This Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 1000mg comes in a soothing lotion that is simple to apply and absorbs very quickly. We suggest that you start with a small amount and then add more if needed. Our product is powerful and will often reduce or remove pain in 20 minutes or less. Using more than needed will just cause you to run out of the cream faster than you should.

While the primary benefit is pain relief, what you’ll first feel is a calm, cooling sensation against the skin. That’s because we made sure to include menthol and other soothing natural ingredients so that you feel relief fast. Menthol against the skin helps with pain relief by replacing the sensation with a deep, calming cool that is wonderful.

This is derived from a full spectrum CBD oil, which absorbs quickly and gives you strong pain relief and other benefits. You might be wondering why CBD is useful in relieving pain. Some products swear they can reduce pain but there’s no reason behind it. CBD is different.

The human brain naturally has a set of cannabinoid receptors that are sensitive to, and crave, cannabinoids. Whenever our brain senses their presence, there is a resulting anti-inflammatory response that works to reduce pain. While oils and capsules can reduce pain throughout the whole body, this cream works a little differently.

Creams and CBD roll-ons produce a more localized response as opposed to one that radiates throughout the body. This is better if you have pain in one or several specific areas, like your back, nerves, neck, or other common areas. The response is much stronger in that area than with an oil or capsule, plus it gives you control over how much CBD gets absorbed into that specific area.

You’ll also find that the response lasts a long time, often getting you through part or all of the day. CBD absorbs typically within 20 minutes to reach its full potential for relieving pain, but it will often last several hours to the whole day. At most, you may need to reapply it once throughout the day, but many people find that one application is more than enough for mild to moderate pain. Even with bad pain, it usually only requires a little extra for good pain relief.

There are many CBD pain creams on the market, but few are as powerful as ours. You get a full 1000mg of CBD in this tiny little package, ensuring you get a massive amount of what you’re looking for. This 2oz container will last you a long time as long as it’s used properly. Even a small dab of our cream carries enough CBD to create a soothing and noticeable difference in your pain level.

However, if you do need more, feel free to keep adding more and more cream until you’re satisfied. There’s no problem with putting on as much as you’d like as there are no side effects or issues with CBD building up in your system.

The only restriction is that you need to avoid broken skin or eyes as this can be irritating, but otherwise there are no problem putting this cream anywhere and in any amount. It all depends on where the pain originates and how much relief you need.

Another thing you’ll love is how convenient the container is. It’s small and easy to carry in any bag, ensuring you have CBD cream when and where you need it. For those who are still wary about using CBD products, you’ll find that this looks like any other skincare container. It blends in without attracting any attention.

If you’re looking for a product that works wonders reduces your pain to a manageable level, you’ll love our Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 1000mg. It’s simple to apply, only takes a tiny bit of cream, and it absorbs quickly. In only a few minutes you’ll start feeling better, and you’ll be happy to know that this often lasts all day or only requires a single reapplication.

Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 1000mg features:

– You get 1000mg of pure CBD in a 2oz container, perfect for on-the-go application

– Significantly reduces pain and often works most or all of the day

– No known side effects, plus you can apply as much cream as you’d like without problems

– Works quickly. Often requires a maximum of 20 minutes before you start feeling relief

– We included menthol to give this a soothing, cool feeling when applied to the skin

Pain can be difficult to manage, especially if it’s chronic or in some way affects your life. You should never have to suffer this, and while there are medications for pain, sometimes you want something a little easier on your system. Our Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream 1000mg is a simple product with big benefits. Give it a try and you’ll see why so many people are clamoring over CBD and its many uses.


Suggested Use: 

Rub a small amount on the affected area as often as desired.  Avoid contact with broken skin and eyes.



Distilled water, aloe vera, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cetearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, optiphen plus, full spectrum hemp oil (CBD), chamomile, vitamin E, citric acid, potassium sorbate, cinnamon, blood orange essential oil, menthol.


Additional information:

Size    2oz / 60ml 1,000mg



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If irritation occurs, see your doctor.  Keep out of children’s reach.