Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Lip Balm (25mg)


An easy way to get your daily dose of our signature Full Spectrum CBD oil while simultaneously soothing dry, chapped lips and surrounding them in hydration. We hand craft our lip balms in small batches to ensure that all the high quality ingredients are blended together in a harmonious blend of oils and butters. Sweet peppermint, soft mango butter and nourishing vitamin E will soften lips even in the harshest conditions.

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Does it hurt to smile? Do you constantly feel the need to pick at the dry skin on your lips? Chapped lips are a common and sometimes painful problem. Dry, cracked lips are not only unsightly, but they can cause a great deal of discomfort. If you suffer from dry lips, you need our Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Lip Balm 25mg. Features of our lip balm include:


– Produced in small batches to ensure quality


– Sweet peppermint taste


– Convenient tube


– Natural ingredients


– Contains full spectrum hemp oil


Have you ever wondered why your lips dry out so easily? Your lips don’t contain oil glands like the rest of your skin. This causes your lips to dry out faster than other parts of your body. Without proper attention, your lips crack, peel, and bleed.


You know that cold, winter air causes your lips to dry out. Did you know that there are other factors that could be making your supple lips scab over? Let’s take a closer look at what could be causing your chapped lips.


You frequently find yourself licking your lips to add moisture. You soon discover that your lips are actually worse – but why? There are enzymes in saliva that dry out the skin on and around your lips. Your lip-licking habit is making your chapped lips worse. You are better off to pull your lip balm out of your pocket or bag and apply a thin layer.


You don’t leave the house without a hint of color on your lips. Unfortunately, your favorite lipstick is contributing to the dryness. To curb this, you look for a lipstick that contains moisturizer or first apply a thin layer of lip balm. Lip balm under your lipstick helps to protect the delicate skin from drying out.


You practice good oral hygiene. You brush and floss at least twice a day, sometimes more. You have never considered that your toothpaste could be contributing to your dry lips. It pays to try a different toothpaste and see if it helps to alleviate your chapped lips. If you are currently using tartar control toothpaste, try one without.


Who knew that lip balm could make your lips worse? It goes against everything you’ve heard. The truth of the matter is that your lip balm may not be the right one. Balms that have artificial ingredients, are dyed or contain fragrances may irritate your lips. Your lip balm should contain only natural ingredients.


Hot showers are another culprit of dryness. You experience all-over dry skin, including your lips, when you revel in daily hot showers. Turn the water temperature down a bit. You don’t have to take a cool shower, but the temperature of your water shouldn’t turn your skin red.


You breathe through your mouth. The constant stream of dry air going into and out of your mouth and over your lips is drying them out. You are more likely to breathe through your mouth when you are sleeping. You add a humidifier to your room to keep your nasal passages moisturized and encourage breathing through your nose.


Some medications cause dry skin. These medications come in over-the-counter and in prescription form. If you are on any medication, speak to your doctor about side effects. You have noticed an increase in dryness on and around your lips since starting your medication. It could very well be the cause.


So what can you do to help alleviate and ultimately heal your chapped lips?


Aside from making changes you discovered above, you stay hydrated. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water during the day. You aren’t a water drinker so it seems difficult but it becomes habitual. Simply replace one cup of coffee or can of soda with a glass of water each day. Follow each soda with a glass of water. There are a variety of ways to add more water to your day.


Make lip balm like our Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Lip Balm 25mg a part of your daily routine. You put lip balm on in the morning before you leave the house, any time your lips feel dry, and before you go to bed each night.


You don’t have to suffer from dry, chapped lips. There are easy changes you make to your lifestyle and environment that recreate soft, comfortable skin on your mouth. You’ll love how easy it is to turn your lips from painful to perfect.


When you place your order with plantedearthnutritionals.com today, your lip balm gets packaged and shipped to you quickly. You are able to start using your lip balm fast and restore health to the delicate skin on and around your lips.


Our CBD products are of the highest quality. They are not psychoactive and legal to purchase in every state. You order your lip balm with confidence. You know you are getting a natural product that is safe to use.


CBD oil is beneficial for a wide variety of conditions and ailments. We are happy to provide more information if you want to learn more. We stand behind each of our products and enjoy speaking with our customers about their benefits.


All CBD products are not created equal. At Planted Earth Nutritionals, we source our CBD from farms right here in the United States. We believe in making products that are safe and accessible to all. We are proud of the business we have built and the way in which we are able to service our customers.


We do not produce or sell any product that we would not use for our own family. We are fully committed to ensuring that your products meet or exceed your expectations. Browse our site to discover even more products you may be interested in. We sell balms, creams, tinctures, and even CBD for your pet.


Place your order now! We would love to hear how you feel about your lip balm and so would our other customers. Please send us feedback about your purchase. In the unlikely event that our balm doesn’t meet your expectations, reach out to our friendly team.



Suggested Use: 

Apply directly to lips.



Organic beeswax, organic mango butter, full spectrum hemp oil, vitamin e, peppermint essential oil.


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