Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures (1,800mg)


Our signature Full Spectrum CBD oil is available in two strengths- 900mg or 1,800mg and is processed from the highest quality plants before it is processed in our labs.  Our products never have harmful additives, preservatives or chemicals. Take this tincture straight, or add it to your favorite beverage to achieve your desired results. Each bottle has 1,800mg of CBD (60mg per suggested serving).

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If you’re looking for a strong dose of CBD from a high-quality source, then we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 1800mg is one of our strongest products. It’s perfect for those who want a little more from their CBD or those who find that a smaller serving isn’t quite working.


The market for CBD oils is growing and it’s important for every product to differentiate themselves. So, what’s special about our oil and why should you pay attention? We are absolutely obsessed with providing the best quality without cutting corners anywhere. From beginning to end, you’ll find our CBD tincture is the best of the best and it delivers its promised benefits in the smoothest way possible.


It all starts with the plant material. No product, whether it be CBD oil or anything else, is great unless its base materials are great. We start with the highest quality plants we can find. While some producers might use whatever they can, we focus on quality and work towards fostering relationships with the best growers in the area that can send us the best crops.


After we take care of the base materials, it goes to processing. Many labs focus on using additives, preservatives, and chemicals for a variety of reasons. They have their benefits, sure, but only for increasing shelf-life or reducing the manufacturing cost. We do CBD another way. We don’t use any fillers or additives, opting instead to keep the CBD pure and with as few ingredients as possible. You’re getting nothing more than pure CBD oil with our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 1800mg.


Unlike our 900mg bottle, this one is meant to taken as a larger dose. We recommend taking a large, 60mg dose with this product. Some CBD oils are difficult to measure, but we made ours as simple as possible. You’ll find an eyedropper attached to the lid that you can use to get the right amount of oil. This simple solution allows anyone to draw up the right amount of oil with ease.


Taking CBD oil is just as simple. You can take it any way you’d like, as long as it gets in your mouth. Some people like taking it straight and dropping the oil into their mouth. If that sounds good to you, then by all means go right ahead. This ensures the oil immediately gets to work and starts helping with your pain, anxiety, and depression.


You can also combine the oil with food or drink. Many people enjoy adding our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 1800mg to baked goods like cookies, brownies, and pies, but you can add it to any food you can think of. The same applies to drinks. You can squirt the oil into your favorite drink, or whatever you happen to have at the moment, and drink it down. No matter what you pair it with, our CBD oil will enter your system and get to work on making you feel better.


CBD oil helps with a wide range of symptoms and problems, which explains why so many people have flocked to it. Best of all, CBD oil is one of those supplements that immediately makes you feel better. Most people experience a difference in mood and pain after around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your body and how you ingested it.


There are three popular reasons for taking CBD oil: pain, anxiety, and depression. It’s equally effective with all three and there are no known side effects. It’s much more palatable for your body when compared to some medications.


Our brains are naturally built with cannabinoid receptors that crave this substance. When satisfied, this sends a signal that reduces inflammation and pain throughout the body. That’s why CBD oil is so effective at stopping both local and general pain. No matter what’s causing it or where it originates, you’ll feel your pain level drop after a dose of CBD, especially a strong dose like this one.


It has a similar effect on depression and anxiety. While both mental illnesses manifest in different ways and produce very different symptoms, you’ll find that they are often both treated with serotonin. This natural hormone makes you feel happy and helps with social anxiety, which can be a problem with both anxiety and depression. CBD oil naturally boosts your serotonin to healthy levels so that you feel good without feeling high or manic.


There are also findings suggesting that CBD oil does even more for the body. It can help the heart, brain, and skin. It can also aid in digestion along with a wide range of other benefits. This is an ideal daily supplement that can help almost every area of your life, whether you experience pain, depression, anxiety, or none of the above.


Some of our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 1800mg benefits include:


– Comes in a large 1800mg bottle with a recommended serving of 60mg, perfect for those who need a stronger dose


– Helps by reducing pain, easing anxiety and depression, and giving you a good feeling without the high feeling of THC


– The full spectrum CBD ensures you get all the natural benefits


– We only use the best plants for our product without adding any fillers, additives or preservatives


– Includes an eyedropper than ensures you pull up the right amount of oil without any issues, feel free to add the oil to food or drink


Our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 1800mg is a powerful product that helps with minimizing pain, reducing anxiety and depression, and gives you a good feeling that you’ll appreciate from the first dose. It’s simple to take and you can add our oil to any food or drink and reap all the same benefits. If you’re looking for a natural way to make yourself feel better, then this is definitely the supplement you need. Give it a try and you’ll see why CBD is becoming so popular.


Suggested Use: 

Always shake well before administering. Use once or twice daily. Place one milliliter (one dropper or 20 drops) under tongue and hold until absorbed.



Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides), Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.


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